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 Birds on de Brain? (Blackwing Intro)

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PostSubject: Birds on de Brain? (Blackwing Intro)   Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:55 pm

What are the Blackwings:
Blackwings are winged-beasts that vary in power, some have more human features then others, the Blackwings are used by Crow Hogan in Yugioh 5Ds. The Blackwings are a very nice archtype for duelists just entering the synchro era. They have a tendency to swarm the field with a range of powerful monsters or just one beatstick. Now card wise the Blackwings have 27 Effect Monsters, 4 Synchro Monsters (3 currently in the TCG), 5 Spell Cards, and 10 Trap cards. They are all useful in their own way and can handle different situations depending on the type of deck your opponents using. Blackwings are like birds they can adapt to any situation.

Technique of the Blackwings:
The Blackwings have several different techniques, the main one is the swarm and slaughter tactic. The Blackwings swarm the field faster then possible, they usually summon anywhere from 2-how ever many you want depending on your hand. Now after that its your choice. You could synchro as many times as you want, or enjoy all the monsters and nifty effects you can use to your advantage. Either way you have an upperhand against your opponent.

Blackwings signature cards:
The Blackwings have some cards that go into most decks no matter what they are they are as followed:
-Gale of the Whirlwind: 1300 Atk 400 Def, Tuner, 3, I know I know not much of a beater right? Its his eff thats the kicker. Firstly you don't need to normal summon him all you need is to have any one Blackwing monster on the field. The second part is where the fun begins, once per turn you can target one monster and HALVE the monsters attack and defense. With other Blackwings effects this one thing can make an OTK quiet possible
-Bora of the Spear: 1700 Atk 800 Def, 4, Its a decent beatstick with first turn set monsters, oh wait especially against first turn set. Let me get to his effects, first one is the same as Gale, you can special summon him by controlling another Blackwing monster. Then the 2nd effect is that if he attacks a defense position monster whos defense is lower then the attack, well piercing you all know what I'm talking about.
-Shura of the Blue Flame: 1800 Atk 1200 Def, 4, Shuras effect is probably one thing that turns a bad first hand into a first turn synchro, He sadly has to be normal summoned BUT when he destroys a monster you can special summon one Blackwing monster with 1500 or less attack and its effect is negated. (Hint! Summon a Tuner!!)
-Kalut the Moon Shadow: 1400 Atk 1000 Def, 3, Hey heres the most handy monster ever, DON'T SUMMON, When one of your Blackwings attack you can discard him/or send not sure him and the Blackwing monster gains 1400 Atk. Gets over just about everything Very Happy
-Black Whirlwind: Spell, This right here is the key spell card. What this amazing piece of glory does is once per turn when you normal summon a Blackwing monster you can then add a Blackwing monster with less attack to your hand, BEST CARD EVER, to bad its at 1 :'(.
-Armed Wing, Armor Master, Silverwind, and Gram (OCG): Each one of these wonderful balls of joy have a pretty awesome effect, Armed Wings (2300/1000, 6)is when he attacks a defense position monster he gains 500 attack point AND does piercing. Armor Master (2500/1500,7)does something a bit different he can't be destroyed by battle and when he attacks a monster he can place a "Wedge" counter on the monster in case he doesn't die or something. Then you can later remove said counter and watch there nice powerful attack drop to nothing over powered right? Now to Silverwind (2800/2000, Cool when he is summoned out he can destroy up to 2 face-up monsters on the field with less defense lower then this monsters attack, can you name monsters that are in decks now adays with more then that? Now on to the final one Gram (2200/1500, 5)hes not quiet out yet (may be wrong there) when hes summoned you can special summon a non tuner level 4 or lower monster again no effects o well

Other under appreciated cards:
-Vayu, The Emblem of Honor: 800 Atk 0 Def, Tuner, 1, Vayu is a bit of a bitch! He's a tuner that has to be in the grave to be used. When he's in the grave you can remove from play him and one other Blackwing monster to special summon NOT synchro, Special summon a Blackwing Synchro monster with the same amount of stars as the two. Override of everything! Just don't expect to reborn what you summon and all.
-Blackwing- Sirocco The Dawn: 2000 Atk 900 Def Sirocco is by far the most bad ass Blackwing ever! He can be used as a side deck for just about every deck just in case you run into a Blackwing deck. Why? His effect, once per turn you can target one face up Blackwing on the field and until the end phase it gains the attack of EVERY Blackwing on the field, good for piercing, trying to top something or like I side to side deck it and get rid of a blackwing on your opponent has.
-Blackwing- Elphin the Raven: 2200 Atk 1200 Def, 6, Can be normalled without a tribute when you control another Blackwing, when he is normalled summoned you can change one monsters Battle Position, hehe make them defense watch them die!
-Blizzard the Far North: 1300 Atk 0 Def Tuner, 2, Not much in the whole attack department or even defense but like all the others he makes up for it another way. His effect, when he is normal summoned you can special summon a level four or lower Blackwing from the grave in defense mode. SO MANY OPTIONS
-Blackwing- Boobytrap, Trap, This card is troll city for the Blackwings xD, when this card is destroyed by your opponent while you control a Blackwing face-up, you can inflict 1000 points to your opponent and draaw a card. Nice card right?

Other handy cards who like to fly with the birds:
-Dark Armed Dragon: All but one blackwing is Dark, so umm DAD and them are friends for an obvious reason.
-Dark Grepher: Grepher allows you to discard darks so what I do is discard a Sirocco or Vayu or Elphin and then the other half sending one to the grave from the deck. Send either Vayu or the other one of those two.
-Icirus Attack: This card works perfectly with them, saying that EVERYONE OF THEM IS A WINGED-BEAST enough said.
-Allure of Darkness, Draw two banish a dark, next to Cards for Black Feathers its the next best thing.

Why I love the Blackwings!:
Just like my comrad Ashura Blackwings are a deck I LOVE. There is a reason, I left Yugioh for a bit due to cronically moving then during the 5Ds era of Yugioh i picked back up. My friend had made two types of the deck. After a few duels me vs him Mirror match he gave me the deck. It was my first real deck since season 1 (Random dragon mosh not half bad) after some work I got it to a high speed and a little bit off of my build on DN (See Below) Just without some of the synchros. Then when I found my dueling buddies now I never lost. Then after about two months the deck vanished. It destroyed me completely :'( I stopped dueling that deck was the best thing I ever used. Now I've made it my goal to remake it. So I use it on DN Very Happy So i don't forget
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PostSubject: Re: Birds on de Brain? (Blackwing Intro)   Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:22 pm

-Approved since he is not a teacher -Merged Posts- Use the edit button next time Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Birds on de Brain? (Blackwing Intro)   Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:34 am

i think you guys should include decklists just to show more detail about the archtypes
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PostSubject: Re: Birds on de Brain? (Blackwing Intro)   

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Birds on de Brain? (Blackwing Intro)
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