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 Taiyou's somewhat lame deckshop

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PostSubject: Taiyou's somewhat lame deckshop   Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:40 pm

This is my lame deckshop...enjoy

-Equiptronics...it has 45 cards...deal with it...20 EvoTokens
-Lightray...it has 40 cards and fucking kills...once you get a good hand...40 EvoTokens.
-Blackwing...baisic blackwings, 40 card, pretty solid, usually pull a win...20 tokens
-Evilswarm...okay, so it has 41 cards, get over it...awesomeness...35 Evotokens.
-Anti-Meta from two formats ago...it lives in infamy, but only kinda works now...25 tokens
-I've lost track of all my photon decks, and they kind suck sometimes anyway...40 Tokens for all 6 or something
-Red Nova Dragon...44 cards...guess what it revolves around? more for fun than competitive dueling...10 tokens
-Roboyaru...not the strongest deck, but unusual, so many people dunno how to fight it. Lot of fun to use...15 tokens

I'll probably find more somewhere, but that's it for now.

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Taiyou's somewhat lame deckshop
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