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 How Deck Shops Work

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PostSubject: How Deck Shops Work   Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:25 pm

[color=cyan]Alright, just a quick little note you should read before you set up a shop or buy from one. (*) indicates subject to change

Any user may set up a deck shop.*

Any user may buy from a deck shop.*

The owner of the shop will give a list of available decks in the following format:
Deck Name:
About Deck:

Only fair prices will be accepted for decks, in other words, you cannot advertise a deck for X amount if it is a bad deck, such as your failed Lightsworn deck, that you're just trying to trick people into buying. If an Admin. or a Moderator is given any reason to think you have unfairly priced a deck, the amount you are charging for the deck will be deducted from your point total, and if it happens three times, your deck shop will be closed.

Any user wanting to purchase a deck will post a reply in the same forum, specifying the deck they wish to buy (you can also barter here).

After both the buyer and seller are happy for the transaction to take place, the seller will take a screenshot AND type a deck list (or just a deck list on it's own) and PM it to the buyer via ACADEMY PM (not DN)

Once the list is received, the seller should write up a receipt. Receipts should be done like this:
 Name of Buyer:
Cost of Deck:
The buyer will confirm having received the deck in the same thread.

An admin. will subtract/add the points to the appropriate accounts and lock the thread.

Please note: Minimum amount of Tokens for each deck is 20
Maximum is 200.

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How Deck Shops Work
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