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 DEA's Rules

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PostSubject: DEA's Rules   Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:57 pm

.:: Forum Rules ::.
I. Do not spam the forum and it's content. Double posting is not tolerated unless if it's separated by a time period of 24 hours only.
Examples of Spam:

II. Do not post one word posts.

III. You cannot use any kind of profane language.

IV. You cannot post sexual content or harass other members/staff.

V. Do not give out personal information to other members. If anything may happen, it is out of our jurisdiction.

VI. No mini-modding. Please let the moderators do their job, mini-modding will ruin your chances of ever becoming staff.

VII. NO advertising. Anybody caught advertising will be banned, no questions asked. Only exceptions are affiliated sites.

Chat Box Rules~

I. Don't spam the chat box. Spamming the chat box is when you:
a. Breaking up the sentence
b. Continuously doing the same thing (eg .............................................)

II. No Inappropriate content


First Offense: Minor Warning
Second Offense: Minor Warning | Deduction of 1/3 of your Points
Third Offense: Serious Warning | Chat Ban~ 1-3 Days | Deduction of half of your Points | Demotion of Dorm (Lowest Dorm is not effected)
Fourth Offense: Serious Warning | Chat Ban~ 3-7 Days | Deduction of all of your Pointrs | Demotion of Dorm (Lowest is not effected)
Fifth Offense: Serious Warning | Banned From Site~ 1-2 Months | Deduction of all Points | Demoted to lowest dorm | Not allowed to participate in events.
Sixth Offense: IP Ban.

Thank you for reading,
DEA Staff~
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DEA's Rules
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